Thanks to our specialisation, many years of experience and distinctive legal competence, we provide innovative solutions and successful negotiations. Since we understand your goals and circumstances, we think that legal advice is much more than just answering a legal question. Our clients appreciate our efficient and target-oriented way of working, both in terms of advice on legal structuring and in dispute resolution.

Company Law

We advise companies in all areas of company law. Our company law services range from questions of corporate structure and corporate succession to transactions and restructuring.

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Commercial Law

We draw up complex sales, supply and cooperation agreements for your company, taking into account the economic processes and the respective interests. We also enforce your claims in commercial arbitration and court proceedings.

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Labour Law / Employment Law

We advise employers and employees in all areas of labour law, civil service law and church labour law. This includes legal issues relating to severance pay, dismissal and protection against dismissal, warnings, vacation, wages and salaries, collective labour law for employers and works councils, certificates, time limited contracts, parental leave, part-time work.

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Intellectual Property Rights

We advise companies on the legal structure and implementation of business activities, such as planned advertising activities. We identify competition law risks and advise on their avoidance.

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Commercial Administrative Law

We advise and represent companies and entrepreneurs in all matters of administrative law. Our main areas of practice include industrial law, crafts law, catering law and public building law.

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Real Estate Law

We help you with all questions concerning the purchase of real estate. Our services include the drafting or review of contracts for the purchase of land as well as the enforcement of claims arising from real estate contracts, e.g. in connection with concealed defects.

Banking Law

We represent you in all questions of banking and capital market law, such as the examination of revocation rights in consumer loan agreements, the assertion of claims for damages from investment consulting or in legal disputes relating to bank accounts. Our range of activities covers all areas of banking, stock exchange and capital market law as well as capital-related corporate law.

Capital Market Law

We enforce the rights of private and institutional investors. Our range of services covers all areas of banking, stock exchange and capital market law as well as corporate law related to capital.