Volker Heinze advises you in all matters of general civil law, in particular in liability and contract law. He will also advise you in the field of tenancy and condominium law.

Furthermore, Volker Heinze advises you in all labour law matters. The individual and collective legal problems of working life are numerous and varied. More than almost any other area of law, labour law requires the lawyer to specialise in order to manoeuvre clients safely through the thicket of the law. This is why Volker Heinze has been a specialist lawyer for labour law for many years.

In addition to providing specialist legal advice, Volker Heinze represents employees, employers and works councils equally in the labour courts, the regional labour courts and the Federal Labour Court. In addition, Volker Heinze represents employees before arbitration boards and the Works Constitution Arbitration Board.

He trains executives, staff representatives and employees of Human Resources Management in questions of collective and individual labour law.

Volker Heinze is a lecturer at the Weserbergland University of Applied Sciences.